Why choose Spain as your new home?

There are a number of reasons why British expats choose to relocate to sunny Spain. It’s the go-to place for those looking to settle down somewhere typically drier and warmer than the UK.

Why choose Spain as your new home?

The culture in Western Europe is stereotypically seen as more sanguine and serene than over here. There are towns and villages that are less cluttered and busy, providing the perfect getaway for those looking to get back to nature, especially if you’re looking to slow things down and go at a steadier pace.

Spain is in the top five on the league table for the 2019 HSBC Expat Explorer survey, which is great to see. It has been ranked four out of thirty-three this year, making a decent leap from 14th place in 2018. This survey takes into account a range of factors, such as living conditions, career opportunities and schooling.

This year’s Good Country Index, which evaluates each county’s contribution to the ‘common good of humanity’, also included Spain in its top ten.

The Good Country website states: “The Good Country Index isn’t trying to make any moral judgments: it just measures, as objectively as possible, what each country contributes to the common good, and what it takes away, relative to its size. We’ve found that the importance of this is something most people in most cultures can agree on.”

Despite there being a fair few million more people living over here, Spain is a big place compared to the UK (about twice the size, if we’re looking at square kilometres). So, where exactly in Spain should you look at? A coastal town, somewhere inland or one of the Spanish Isles?

We can’t make this decision for you, but we’re happy to share some of our favourite locations:


Our Business Development Manager, Sam, can’t get enough of Ibiza. She loves the Old Town side of the island, as it makes for the perfect place to relax and unwind on holiday. Just what our BDMs need for a break away from the office!


Especially for new expats, Madrid is a strong choice, as it’s developed quite a big expat community over the years. You won’t find yourself isolated, if your Spanish isn’t quite at the level it needs to be, and you’ll be able to find friendship and advice amongst likeminded Brits abroad.


For a faster paced lifestyle, Barcelona is a wonderful experience. There’s a lot going on for tourists and the weather can also be milder than other areas of Spain in both summer and winter months. You also have the benefit of city life on the coast, so you can look forward to plenty of trips to the beach when you’re not working.

We’re well aware that there are plenty of other fabulous areas to visit in Spain and we certainly could go on forever about the benefits of living and holidaying abroad. However, we’re going to leave this week’s article here and invite you all to share your own experiences and top choices for travel in España. Head over to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and let us know!

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