Who’s buying in Spain and where?

The Spanish property market is alive and well, says Spanish home builder Taylor Wimpey España!

Who's buying in Spain and where?

It seems that this country remains a popular choice of places to settle down – for Spanish natives and those relocating from abroad. The latest Housing Price Index from Instituto Nacional de Estadistica reveals a 5.3% rise in prices over the past year.

Certain areas of Spain remain particularly popular year after year, as they tick a lot of boxes for those looking for a tranquil and comfortable lifestyle.

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey España, has specifically highlighted what their clients tend to be after in a new home abroad: “Having a home with large terraces, bright sunlight and access to beaches, golf courses and good restaurants, all with the convenience of an on-site pool, is a winning combination that has been charming buyers for decades.

“Yes, building styles have changed over the years, as have the demographics of those buying second homes, but these core requirements remain firmly in place.”

So, we know that Spain is still a popular choice for expats, but we were also interested to learn from Taylor Wimpey exactly who is buying property…

A recent report from the home builder shows that German buyers are currently leading the field. They have accounted for 19% of the company’s reservations so far for 2019. Briton and Russian homebuyers follow, each making up 11%. Investors from Spain and Belgium account for 9% each of the year’s reservations. There has also been interested from various Scandinavian countries, Poland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, France and more.

And where specifically are they looking to buy? The report highlights both the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca as strong contenders. There you can find properties with good-sized gardens, beautiful views, excellent golf courses and beautiful beaches nearby.

Those with a more flexible budget might look to Ibiza or Majorca, as an alternative to mainland Spain.

Marc Pritchard comments: “There’s something very special about owning an island home. Island life is unique in many ways and can offer an incredible degree of relaxation.

“The fact that you’re surrounded by the ocean also means that a huge variety of water sports tends to be available, so there are plenty of exciting ways to keep active when you own an island holiday home.”

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