Where Would You Visit in the UK for the Best Cultural Experience?

cultureWith our minds usually abroad by the poolside, we’ve decided to return to our roots this week, and talk about what the UK has to offer.

Ticketing platform TicketSource recently released the results of its study around the most culture-packed places to live in the UK. Looking at this information, it became clear why certain areas across the country are so popular as holiday destinations…

Interestingly, TicketSource has found a way to measure the level of culture in such areas, assigning each one a score. This takes into account nearby cultural attractions per square mile.

The top three cities are:

  1. Inverness (11.26 Cultural Attractions per Mile²)
  2. Durham (10.28 Cultural Attractions per Mile²)
  3. Bath (9.38 Cultural Attractions per Mile²)


We’re not surprised to see such results. Inverness Castle, the Botanic Gardens and Eden Court in Inverness are but a few reasons why we enjoy travelling north for a break away. In Durham, you can visit the Oriental Museum and walk around the ruins of Finchale Priory. And (although we’re sure this one goes without saying) if you’re ever in the area, you must visit the Roman Baths!

So, which cities were ranked to have the least amount of culture per Mile²? The results list the following as the worst:

  1. Carlisle (0.09 Cultural Attractions per Mile²)
  2. Lancaster (0.11 Cultural Attractions per Mile²)
  3. Wakefield (0.15 Cultural Attractions per Mile²)


The information even looks in more detail at green spaces throughout the UK, number of theatres in a region, and the entertainment attractions available.

So, if you’re looking to visit somewhere for a relaxing picnic in the park, TicketSource has highlighted Leeds and Aberdeen as great choices. On the whole, Scotland is the greenest region in the UK.

Are you a theatre fan? Then a holiday home in Edinburgh or Glasgow will provide you with plenty of choice for checking out the latest productions.

Check out the full report on the TicketSource blog, for the full breakdown of their research!

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