What to Do in Cyprus in Autumn

Cyprus is very lucky in that during the months of September and October, it benefits from not being as cold as the surrounding European countries, but has cool enough periods to attempt activities that may be too hard in the summer heat the rest of the year. As this unique weather pattern settles in, let’s take a look at some ideas of what to do in Cyprus in the Autumn.

Kelefos Bridge. Paphos District, Cyprus.


In the height of summer, Cypriot heat can be stifling. Too hot to even sit on the beach, but come September and suddenly the island becomes a walker’s paradise. Take a trip to Millomeris Waterfall and walk the 2.5km hiking trail that passes through the forest, following the Kryo Patamo river and enjoy the views of the valley below. 

Another option is the Artemis loop which takes you in a circle around the top of Mount Olympus. Unfortunately the peak is not accessible to the general public, but this is about as close as you can get. 

Go On an Excursion

Most of the tourist attractions are open year-round in Cyprus, but in the Autumn, you’ll find that they’re far less crowded. Visit the Path of Aphrodite, any of the famous archaeological sites or the ancient places of worship and you’ll have the freedom to roam around and get as many pictures as you like without fear of being unwittingly photobombed by other tourists. Plus, you won’t get so tired because the heat won’t be so intense!

Stay in a Luxury Hotel

Autumn is the off season, which means that hotels are looking for any way they can to get their rooms occupied. Take advantage of this by shopping around, look for hotels that would usually be out of your price range and marvel at the price difference. If you’re struggling to find something suitable, try a less official approach; call and ask if any deals can be done. You might just come out on top!

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