What are the Current Dream Locations of Brits Looking to take on an Expat Lifestyle?

dream locationsIf you had the opportunity to relocate to Spain, would you say no? Neither would we!

We’re not in the minority, according to research from home moving company AnyVan.com. Its information has found that, overall, Spain is the most popular choice, when it comes to Brits looking to start a new life in the sun.

This research took into account the opinions of UK residents and, for those fantasising of a move overseas, 13% picked Spain as their number one choice.

It’s clearly already been a successful life change for many, as nearly 300,000 British citizens currently live in the country.

Looking elsewhere, Australia has appeared as another popular choice. It may be on the other side of the world, but air travel has come a long way! With 19-hour non-stop flights now an option from the UK, it comes as no surprise to us that Australia and New Zealand currently sit at second place in the results for dream relocation destinations for Brits. They received 12% of votes during the research.

Other popular choices included the USA with 10% of the votes, Canada with 9%, Italy with 7% and France being preferred by 6% of the participants.

It can be seen from the information AnyVan has provided that age is an important factor in all of this. Younger adults seem to prefer the idea of moving abroad to countries that provide more opportunities for lucrative career prospects, as well as lavish lifestyles.

For those aged under 34, the USA came out on top, with 16% listing it as their favourite choice. This was then followed by Australia and Spain. Dubai was also a popular option for young adults, with 4% dreaming of one day moving to the Middle East.

Looking at adults over the age of 55, 14% highlighted New Zealand as their ultimate dream move location.

It also seems that those already living around the coast of England are eager to maintain this lifestyle. Italy is more popular with people living in Southampton and Brighton. However, those living in London mostly like the look of New Zealand, with the USA, Canada and Australia not far behind.

Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan.com commented: “It’s nearly a national sport in the UK to dream about moving. From flicking through property prices and listings on Rightmove to sitting down to watch one of the vast number of primetime TV shows offering advice to those looking to change homes for a place in the sun.

“Our research highlighted where people dream to move to, but there were still 16% of residents that didn’t want to move anywhere. With such a vast number of different landscapes, coastal views and green spaces, it’s easy to see why so many are living their dream in the UK and don’t feel they need to move elsewhere.”

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