Umbria and Tuscany Rising

Property experts in Italy are urging British buyers to look at buying now in the country, as prices seem set to rise, especially in the popular areas of Umbria and Tuscany. Italy’s property market has dropped since its peak, but there are now clear signs of recovery, with property searches showing an increase over the last year. With the pound now increasing in value against the Euro, this could be the right time for UK buyers to get into the Italian market. Both Umbria and Tuscany have a huge range of property on offer across the price range. Pick up a sub-100,000 Euro bargain or splash out on a multi-million Euro palace. There are still some great renovation projects around in rural areas too, although make sure you get good overseas building insurance to protect the value of your investment.


Umbria is a hilly region right in the heart of Italy. It is a magical place with gorgeous rolling countryside and well-preserved medieval hill towns. Towns like Perugia and Assisi are bursting with history and make great places to buy. Umbria is an increasingly popular holiday destination with British families and couples looking for a different kind of holiday: what it lacks in beaches, Umbria more than makes up for in authentic Italian atmosphere. Umbria is a major arts and cultural centre too, and hosts many arts and music festivals.


Tuscany is one of the best-known of Italian regions, and with good reason. Cities like Florence and Pisa are world-famous for their Renaissance art and architecture. The Tuscan countryside is full of gentle hills and ancient villages, and produces both fantastic wine and a cuisine that is among the world’s best. Along its coastline is a string of high-quality beach resorts, such as Viareggio in the upmarket Verisilia areas Tuscany attracts British tourists looking for a high-quality holiday without all the usual clichés, as well as wealthy Italians.

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