They May be Coming Home, but Where Will You Go to Watch the Matches?

World CupWell done, England, you’ve made us proud. We may be no longer be gunning for top spot, but we’re still excited to find out who will be the World Cup champion. The final match is still to come, along with one last push from us for third place.

So, for our readers in France, we thought we’d list some of the best-looking sports bars in the country to watch the game. We specifically looked for English-themed bars, as we felt this would be a good start to finding the perfect location for supporting our team to the very end of the event.

The Bombardier

The first on our list is the Bombardier, located in Paris in the place du Panthéon Square. It provides a “quintessentially English pub experience”. Food-wise, they offer a few British classics, such as fish and chips and a Sunday roast. What should you expect in terms of atmosphere? The pub’s Facebook page speaks for itself. There is a lot of excitement for these last two matches, so why not head over and join in? It is also one of 13 ‘vibrant and exciting English pubs’ throughout France, part of the ‘Charles Wells’ brand, with others in Lyons, Lille, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Montpellier

The Elephant and Castle

We’ve also taken a look at the Elephant and Castle, in Lyon, another in the ‘Charles Wells’ chain. We love the interior, as it really does say ‘pub’. It seems to be popular choice for many, whether you’re a tourist, student or local. It offers ‘a real taste of England’ in the heart of this city. If any of those areas are local for you, then it may be worth taking a look!

The Lions

This may be a bit obvious, but it was the name that drew us in this time. What better way to watch England play, than to sit with a drink and some snacks in a pub named ‘the Lions’? This one is again located in Paris. The décor is warm and inviting, and we can really see ourselves having a relaxing and enjoyable time watching the game in this pub.

The Houses of Parliament

Ever fancied going for a beer in the Houses of Parliament? Ok, so it’s not quite the real thing, but this pub in Bordeaux still looks like an experience worth our time! On their website they advertise live sports, which specifies that as well as the World Cup, they are showing the Tour de France and Wimbledon. The pub also holds regular events, with the current one obviously being World Cup related. But as well as they footy, they put on DJ sets and quizzes, so this place looks worth a try on different nights as well.

Of course, you do have options other than going out to a sports bar. Why not make an event of it in your villa? Put up some flag bunting and set out a traditional British buffet, or crack out the BBQ and get some sausages grilling! A bit of light entertainment can really make the day special, so why not get some football related games set up? You could get a table football set, or, if you have the space, prepare the garden for some penalty shootouts. Make it an event for your friends and family to remember!

Having the correct insurance on your villa can also mean that you are prepared for any unpredictable situations. You never know if your guests may become a little over excited at the results, so being covered for accidental damage can give you peace of mind! Take a look at our Overseas Property Insurance to find out how we can help.

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