Spain and France in Top Ten of the ‘Good Country Index’

Good CountryIn the latest version of the ‘Good Country Index’, Finland currently has the overall top spot.

The Index measures the contributions of each country to the “common good of humanity”. It was founded by Simon Anholt, who works with Heads of State and Heads of Government to help countries “engage more productively and imaginatively with the international community.”

How is it calculated?

Each country on the list is rated on the following categories:

  • Science & Technology
  • Culture
  • International Peace & Security
  • World Order
  • Planet & Climate
  • Property & Equality
  • Health & Wellbeing


The overall score seems to be calculated quite intricately – each category is broken up into five factors. Each of these factors is assigned a position on an indicator scale, which goes from ‘less good than average’ to ‘more good than average’, with ‘exactly average’ being the middle ground rating. It may read a little clunky, but we can see how they’ve tried to attach ownership to the word ‘good’!

Previous winners

The Index is now on version 1.3, crowning Finland as the champion. Last year’s Good Country Index awarded this spot to the Netherlands, which has now been knocked down to second place. Prior to that, it was Sweden and before that it was Ireland.

So, what do they mean by ‘good’?

The Good Country website defines this term as the following: “Try thinking of ‘good’ as a measure of how much a country contributes to the common good. So in this context ‘good’ means the opposite of ‘selfish’, not the opposite of ‘bad’.

“The Good Country Index isn’t trying to make any moral judgments: it just measures, as objectively as possible, what each country contributes to the common good, and what it takes away, relative to its size. We’ve found that the importance of this is something most people in most cultures can agree on.

“It certainly helps that every major religion teaches the same truths: that it’s our responsibility to look after the planet, and that all men and women are our brothers and sisters.”

Our seven countries

Our heart belongs with the seven countries our Overseas Property Insurance product is available in, so we had a look to see how they fared. Ireland came third, and we were satisfied to see France and Spain also make it into the top ten. Italy and Cyprus were placed not too far away, so this goes to show that there’s more to the life abroad of our expats than just basking in the sun!

You can take a look at the full results on the Good Country website.

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