Selling Your Holiday Home? Generate 54% More Leads with Stunning Photos

Luxury villaIf you’ve decided to sell your overseas property, either because you no longer want to live abroad or are buying a new holiday home, you can generate up to 54% more leads by taking some stunning photos.

New research from leading Spanish property portal has emphasised the continuing relevance of good images to selling holiday homes. The portal lists more than 200,000 properties each month and analyses its buyer enquiries in great detail to gain a thorough understanding of what second home buyers want and need.

The Head of Research at Kyero, Richard Speigal, explains: “Viewed through this lens, it quickly becomes obvious that the best looking properties generate the most buyer enquiries. For busy local realtors, it’s easy to think it won’t hurt to cut corners on photography and sales descriptions. However, our research shows that realtors who go the extra mile on presentation generate 54% more leads. Over a year, that adds up to a lot of extra sales.”

According to Chartbeat, the average web user spends less than 15 seconds on each site. This stark figure highlights the difficulty of grasping a viewer’s attention in the fast-paced online world.

A stunning image can certainly make a difference when it comes to selling your holiday home, as buyers will pick your property out from a long list of many similar sized and located options.

Kyero is working closely with estate agents to ensure that they improve their services for sellers and buyers, at the same time as maximising their pool of potential enquiries.

When it comes to taking photos of your holiday home, remember that each image must tell a story. If you’re using a photographer, they should be able to capture the unique charms that each property possesses. Whether you own a townhouse or a villa, an image that highlights the lifestyle that the property promises will resonate most deeply with those seeking a sun-kissed second home.

Speigal adds: “You have so little time to capture a viewer’s attention online. Superb photography is one way to do it. The right image can make you stand out from the crowd and may well make the difference between a buyer enquiring about your property rather than someone else’s.”

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