Prime Property for Sale in Marbella

When Europe’s rich and famous look to buy a home, they often look to Marbella. And it seems that the Andalucían favourite is enjoying something of a property revival, according to the experts at It is now possible to buy immaculate mansions in the city at the same prices they were being sold for in 2004-5. That, combined with uncertainty and unrest in some markets further afield means that British big spenders are choosing to stay closer to home when they look for their holiday homes.

Marbella’s Attractions

Marbella is a stunning destination with much to attract both holidaymakers and homebuyers. It is a city with ancient roots. Its medieval old town’s narrow streets and squares are lined with historic buildings that tell the story of the city’s fascinating past. Then there is modern Marbella, with its marinas full of expensive yachts, glitzy nightlife and upmarket beach scene. However, despite its obvious wealth, Marbella is also an everyday Spanish city with another life underneath its moneyed sheen.

Not Just for the Wealthy

Much of Marbella’s property is within the reach of the super-rich only, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up something more affordable, especially now prices have dropped. If you stay away from the expensive beach-front and the glamorous Puerto Banus, you can enjoy the benefits of owning a home in Marbella while avoiding astronomical costs.

When it’s time to rent out your property, you’ll find that Marbella offers a relatively stable market. It is one of those classic destinations that’s unlikely to decline in popularity, and it has a good winter season as well as a long summer season. As long as you get basics such as overseas contents insurance and a good local agent right, then your Marbella property could be a great long-term investment.

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