Portugal and Spain are top 2019 expat destinations

InterNations’ Expat Insider report reveals the top five expat destinations of this year, according to a survey of 20,259 participants.

InterNations / Expat Insider 2019 survey
© InterNations / Expat Insider 2019 survey

Using the results from this survey, it has ranked the best and worst places for expats. We are particularly pleased to see Western Europe make it to the top five, with 3rd place going to Portugal and Spain coming 5th.

The survey took into account factors such as affordability, quality of life, and ease of settling in for expats.

Portugal did pretty well in this year’s survey, coming 3rd after Taiwan (1st) and Vietnam (2nd).

Looking at the individual sections it was ranked for, Portugal did particularly well for quality of life (1st) and ease of settling in (4th).

Spain came in 5th overall, after Mexico in 4th place. It took the 2nd spot for quality of life and 8th for ease of settling in. Expats have found family life in Spain to be quite appealing, as it made its way to 5th in this year’s survey.

The report states: “Mediterranean destinations Portugal and Spain have seen little change, still impressing expats with the quality of life and the ease of settling in. While both rank in mid-field for working abroad (35th for Portugal vs. 37th for Spain), they differ vastly in the Family Life Index: with its 5th place out of 36, Spain does much better than Portugal (18th).”

Participants also answered questions in regards to their biggest concerns before moving abroad. They were mostly worried about the language barrier (37%), being far away from their home country/family (36%) and the high cost of living (32%).

Looking at other countries in Western Europe, we saw that Italy came 2nd to bottom out of 64 countries. France and Cyprus were also all the way down in 42nd and 45th place respectively.

Expats, what do you think of these results? Did you take part in InterNation’s survey? We’re very happy for Spain and Portugal and hopefully we’ll see them up there at the top again in 2020!

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