What are the Current Dream Locations of Brits Looking to take on an Expat Lifestyle?

dream locationsIf you had the opportunity to relocate to Spain, would you say no? Neither would we!

We’re not in the minority, according to research from home moving company AnyVan.com. Its information has found that, overall, Spain is the most popular choice, when it comes to Brits looking to start a new life in the sun. Continue reading

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Baking Around Europe: Republic of Ireland

Irish flag


This is our final article in the series, so we would like to thank you all for reading. We hope you’ve enjoyed it all as much as we have, doing the researching and writing!

We’re coming to the end of Bake Off, and we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s been yet another fantastic season, full of talented bakers. With it also being the end of October, we specifically saved Republic of Ireland until last, as there are some special recipes that increase in popularity at this time of year. We chose the following fascinating dishes for this week’s list:


Continue reading

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Baking Around Europe: Portugal

Flag of PortugalWhen we think of Portugal, mostly what springs to mind are seafood dishes and desserts made of eggs and almonds. Having spoken to a couple of friends with Portuguese roots, in preparation for this article, we also learnt how important a good strong cup of coffee is. It’s a country packed full of flavour, and the locals are proud of this. Having visited Nando’s on a number of occassions, a certain dessert also sprang to mind, when thinking about Portugal’s most famous treats, which is where we’ve decided to begin this week’s article… Continue reading

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Competition – Tag Insure My Villa in Your Halloween Photos

Terms And Conditions

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Costa del Sol – A Place of Sun, Sea and Cultural Experiences

Costa del SolOverall, Spain is the go-to choice for many travellers and holidaymakers. Whether you’re just passing through, or visiting your holiday home, it draws in tourists from around the world.

However, there are many areas to choose from, each with their own unique attractions. Today we want to focus the spotlight on the Costa del Sol, and why this is a great choice for those seeking new cultural experiences. Continue reading

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Baking Around Europe: France

flag of FranceIn our opinion, France is one of the richest countries, when it comes to food. There are many dishes loved around the world, which are well known to be of French origin.

We are especially grateful for the desserts. From mille-feuille to crème brulee, life wouldn’t be the same without them! With some deliberation, we chose the following to discuss for this week’s Baking Around Europe article: Continue reading

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Consider Corsica when Planning your next Visit to Europe

CorsicaDid you know that Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus? In such a list, it’s refreshing to have a break from the alliteration! More than three million people visit Corsica each year. The mild climate and diverse landscapes make it a popular choice. Here are just a few examples of what to expect whilst you’re there: Continue reading

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Baking Around Europe: Cyprus

CyprusMany Brits love to visit Cyprus, and it’s a popular place for holiday homes. If you are one of these fans, then you are probably aware of the delicious local food available.

With this in mind, we were interested to learn more about how traditional Cypriot dishes differ from what you may typically find in the UK: Continue reading

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Baking Around Europe: Monaco

flag of MonacoThis week, we have turned our attention to the Principality of Monaco!

A mixture of French and Italian origins have resulted in an area that has put its own spin on some much-loved dishes, creating a unique cuisine that its locals are proud of:




Continue reading

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5 European Cities to Escape to this Autumn

autumn travelThe sun may be bedding down for the year, but that doesn’t mean we’re done holidaying! There’s plenty going on throughout Europe during the cooler months that will give you a break from your everyday life, making for great opportunities to try something new and create unique memories with friends and family.

Here are our top five choices of where you should visit for a weekend away, this autumn: Continue reading

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