More than just a holiday home?

Most people buy a home overseas because they want to have a base for family holidays, and intend to rent out their home when they’re not there themselves. Often people also buy at least partly as an investment, too. However, for some people, only spending time in their overseas home for a few weeks year is not enough. They want to move abroad permanently.

Making that move can be both exciting and terrifying. While the idea of escaping the rainy streets of the UK for long-term sun and relaxation is hugely attractive, it can seem as if the work involved to get there is overwhelming. Moving home within the UK can be highly stressful. Add in an unfamiliar language, culture and legal system and things get even more difficult. But, with a bit of patience and the right information, you can make a successful move abroad.

Here are the key things you need to remember if you want to find your place in the sun:

Choose Wisely

Buying a place to live in is different to buying a place to holiday in. Without needing to worry about rental income, you can choose somewhere that exactly fits your needs and dreams. If you want to find an isolated hideaway or do up a derelict farmhouse, you can do so. The most important thing is to set a budget and stick to it: and that needs to include the cost of any renovations, legal fees and a contingency (something will always cost more than you think it will!)


Keep your move as simple as possible. Get rid of anything you can: is the cost of transporting a lifetime of clutter worth the benefit? It’s unlikely. Go through your direct debits and your paperwork and cancel anything you won’t need when you move. And, however tempting it might be, don’t make big plans to have visitors over or to return to the UK until you’re settled. Give yourself time to enjoy your new home first.


Be organised. Make lists of all the things you need to do and give yourself deadlines. You might not enjoy doing this but you’ll enjoy it more than forgetting something vital. Get at least three quotes from builders, removal firms or any other suppliers you need to use. Organise overseas contents insurance to protect your things once they’re in your new home. Find out before you move how to arrange utilities connection for your new home. Get all these things done before you go, and you’ll be free to just sit back and relax once you’re there. After all, isn’t that why you’re going?

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