Look to Le Marche for a serene Italian getaway

Our theme for this month is Italy, which may or may not have been sparked by us learning that this Sunday (9th) is National Pizza Day.

When we think of pizza, our imaginations (and our taste buds) take us back to our time in Rome, where we experienced the doughy delight authentically for the first time. What we remember is that it was delicious and nothing like the pizza we have in the UK!

So we’ve been thinking about what makes Italy such an attractive country for holidaymakers and those wanting to move abroad. If you look past the busy popular tourist destinations such as Rome and Tuscany, there are peaceful gems that go unlooked.

Le Marche
Look to Le Marche for a serene Italian getaway

Thanks to property developers Appassionata, we’ve specifically been thinking about the region of Le Marche. They point out that for many years it has lingered quietly in the shadow of neighbouring Tuscany. Despite being so close by, it has managed to stay under the tourist radar and maintain its serene charm and authenticity.

Here are five reasons to add Le Marche to your list of places to visit:

  • The cuisine

There are plenty of food festivals to attend, so this is worth looking into when planning a visit. From truffle fairs to an annual mussel and spaghetti festival, you will get to experience the local flavours. Pecorino cheeses and porchetta (roast suckling pig) also originated in Le Marche.

  • The beaches

Many of the beaches hold the “Blue Flag” status, situated across a coastline that stretches for over 100 miles. If sunbathing by the seas is your go-to way to relax on holiday, you won’t be disappointed!

  • The horticulture

For hundreds of years, the land in Le Marche has been dedicated to growing grapes, olives and lavender. For us, this ticks our box for beautiful views and a taste experience!

  • The culture

Did you know Renaissance painter Raphael was from Le Marche? He was born in the walled city of Urbino. Various other successful painters also came from the region, along with sculptor Giò Pomodoro and composer Gioachino Rossini.

  • The ski resorts

If the previous mention of beaches doesn’t get your wanderlust going, then perhaps you might be swayed by the knowledge that there are nine ski resorts in the region. Whether you love to hit the slopes or enjoy a mouth-watering caciocavallo podolico (the Italian version of a raclette), you will certainly be able to find an alternative to sunbathing.

Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, interior designer and founder of Appassionata, has shared her view: “Le Marche is, without doubt, one of Italy’s finest regions and is perfect for those seeking authentic experiences away from the masses. Owning a home here provides a sense of retreat that is incredibly refreshing. It’s a wonderful part of the world.

“Le Marche still has so much of that serene, unspoiled beauty that’s the perfect antidote to modern life. This is the Italy of which dreams are made. Yet it’s also easily accessible from a range of global destinations – our owners hail from the UK, the USA, Australia, South Africa and a range of other location.”

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