It’s Official! Beach Holidays Abroad are Cheaper than Staying in The UK

Travel agent On The Beach surveyed 1,000 British families and found that UK staycations were often hundreds of pounds more expensive their mainland European counterparts.

It’s Official! Beach Holidays Abroad Are Cheaper than Staying in The UK
It’s Official! Beach Holidays Abroad Are Cheaper than Staying in The UK

Some continental holidays were found to be as much as £2,000 cheaper: a family of four Londoners holidaying in St. Ives for a week can expect to pay £2,987 for travel and accommodation in a B&B. That same family could be sunning themselves on a beach in Skanes, Tunisia for just £978.

For those of you not quite keeping up, that’s a saving of a whopping £2,009, or around 60%. Quick maths! Plus, the train from London to St. Ives takes six hours, whilst the flight to Skanes takes just half that, allowing for extra precious beach time.

Another family, travelling from Scotland to Torquay, Devon would find themselves shelling out an average of £1939.42. The price seems all the more ridiculous when you consider that they could have a holiday on the Costa del Sol for just £1,091, saving £858.

On the beach provided some other comparisons between popular UK and Mediterranean destinations based on not only price, but travel time and average temperature also:

Skanes, Tunisia £978, 28°C, 4hrs 20
St. Ives £2,987, 15°C, 6hrs

Torremolinos, Spain £1091, 26°C, 3hrs 20
Torquay £1939, 17°C, 1hr 30

Bodrum, Turkey £1643, 28°C, 4hrs 20
Brighton £2559, 17°C, 3hrs 10

Corfu, Greece £1,057, 25°C, 3hrs 30
Newquay £1,063, 16°C, 4hrs 40

Tenerife, Spain £1,102, 24°C, 4hrs
Llandudno £1,150, 15°C, 3hrs 30

Marmaris, Turkey £1,199, 27°C, 4hrs 20
Margate £1,721, 18°C, 4hrs 40

Alan Harding, Marketing Director at On the Beach said on the survey’s results: “European beach holidays provide extremely good value for money, even in the school holidays.

“Our research shows that in many cases, it’s cheaper to take your family abroad than stay here in the UK. Not only can you save money on the initial cost of a holiday, but in-resort costs are also almost always cheaper abroad than they are in Britain.”

“Public transport and indeed hotels can be very expensive in the UK, making the so-called Staycation a very expensive option for hard-working British families. However, the rise of low-cost airlines and hoteliers across Europe offering discounted rates in order to attract more Britons means a holiday to one of Europe’s most popular beach resorts is much more affordable.”

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