Insure My Villa’s Favourite Destinations for a Romantic Getaway

Heart on the beachValentine’s Day is one of our favourite holidays. We love a romantic getaway, and, having discussed this in the office, members of the Insure My Villa team have shared their favourite locations:

Lovers and padlocks on pont des arts, Paris


Regardless of how clichéd this may sound, it’s true – Paris is the city of love! In the summer, the streetlights come on at twilight, creating a serene atmosphere. The balmy temperatures at night are perfect for sitting outside and watching the sun set. There are many bridges around Paris, which are perfect locations for this, but you will want to specifically check out the Pont des Arts. Here, you will find many padlocks fastened to the bridge, with messages to loved ones written on them.

One of our colleagues highly recommends spending some time eating French onion soup and reading poetry outside a Café, up one of the bustling side streets.

Skadar Lake National Park, Montenegro


Lake Skadar

Situated on the border of Albania and Montenegro, Lake Skadar holds special memories for one member of our team, who used its beautiful backdrop as the perfect setting for a proposal (she said yes!). They had the beach to themselves, and so were left to peacefully admire the picturesque lake together.


Beautiful landscape with cliffs popular Canal of Love (Canal d'Amour) on the island of Corfu, Greece. tourist attractions. amazing charming place.


Canal d’Amour

Another team member shared their engagement story, which took place in Greece. This small beach cove is referred to as the ‘Tunnel of Love’, as couples are known to jump into the clear water and swim through the canal area. The tradition states that those who do so will soon get married, so it’s definitely the ideal setting for a proposal!



Fabulous beach with exotic plants and white sand



Bali is an absolute paradise for couples – the laid-back lifestyle, moreish meals and respectful residents make it a gem for anyone seeking a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle. One member of the Insure My Villa team visited with her partner, and they were lucky enough to stay in a stunning hotel with fantastic staff. She says that they couldn’t have done more to make them comfortable. The warm sand and turquoise ocean made them feel like they truly were on the other side of the world – the sunrise itself was otherworldly.


The legendary beachPaphos

There is a unanimous love for Cyprus, here at Insure My Villa, and our Business Development Managers love their visits to brokers in the area.

In particular, we believe that Paphos makes a great destination for those looking for a romantic backdrop, as Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, still has strong ties to the area. The ancient remains of the Temple of Aphrodite can be visited in Old Paphos, and then there’s Aphrodite’s Rock, which is believed to be the birthplace of the goddess.


There are still many destinations we are yet to explore, and, as the apt saying goes, the world is our oyster! We would love to hear your ideas for idyllic getaways. Do you have a holiday home abroad, where you’ve created many special memories with a loved on? Get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter, and we may share your story in a future article!

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