In Which Countries do Expats Feel Most Welcome?

World environment day conceptHave you been wondering which countries are the friendliest? Well, luckily for us all, InterNations, the global network and information site for people who live and work abroad, has done the hard work for us, and come up with a list!

The company reached out to just under 13,000 expats from 188 countries and territories around the world, to learn more about their own experiences.

This survey looked at a range of factors, from the friendliness of the locals, to the likelihood that expats would make the commitment to staying there permanently.

The following are the top ten countries with the most positive results, along with a few statistics to show you exactly what expats have been enjoying about each place:

Landscape sunset view of Morain lake and mountain range


10. Canada

  • 82% of expats believe that Canada is one of the friendliest places in general
  • 81% found locals to have a friendly attitude towards foreigners
  • 45% are committed to building a life there




Reflection of Nightview of Business and Administrative Center of Saigon


9. Vietnam

  • 83% of expats found there to be a good level of friendliness towards foreign residents
  • 43% described the local population as outgoing
  • 58% are considering moving back to their country of origin at some point in the future




Clock Tower Gate


8. Colombia

  • 87% of expats found the overall friendliness was good
  • 62% found it easy to make new friends
  • 34% of expats in Columbia are mainly friends with local residents




Night view of the corniche in Muscat, Oman


7. Oman

  • 83% of expats are happy with the friendliness of locals
  • 67% feel at home in the local culture
  • 12% feel they might stay there forever





San Jose Costa Rica


6. Costa Rica

  • 87% of expats found there to be a positive attitude towards foreigners
  • 78% found it easy to make local friends
  • 48% believe it is likely that they will stay there permanently





Skyline of Manama at sunset. The capital of Bahrain


5. Bahrain

  • 91% of expats responded that it was easy to get by without speaking the local language
  • 85% reported a general satisfaction with their life overseas
  • 11% said that they would stay there forever




Tuk Tuk car - Phnom Penh city - Cambodia


4. Cambodia

  • 96% of expats found there to be an overall friendliness
  • 85% found the locals welcoming
  • 39% said that they felt at home straight away






Cancun beach with boat


3. Mexico

  • 93% of expats found the people in Mexico to be friendly
  • 80% found it easy to get used to the change in culture
  • 73% said that they found it easy to make friends with locals





Pu Ji Temple Lantern Festival


2. Taiwan

  • 73% of expats found locals to be welcoming
  • 74% said that it was easy to settle down here
  • 86% reported that the Taiwanese have a friendly attitude towards foreign residents





Porto Portugal Bridge


1. Portugal

  • 79% of expats found locals to be welcoming
  • 47% agreed that they were likely to stay here forever
  • 56% felt at home as soon as they moved there





Portugal has the overall top spot, due to winning the vote for being the country with the friendliest attitude towards foreign residents – a staggering 94%!

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