Expat City Ranking Highlights Preferred Expat Cities

InterNations’ annual Expat City Ranking has revealed how expats rate life in 82 cities around the world, including Barcelona and Lisbon.

From getting used to local culture, to the ease of finding housing, InterNations looked at a range of issues that expats face when moving abroad. The results are based on their Expat Insider survey, which involved more than 20,000 expatriates representing 178 nationalities.

Annual Expat City Ranking Highlights Preferred Expat Cities in Europe

Europe has fared pretty well in this latest expat list, with 5 European cities appearing in the top 10 for ‘Best Cities to Move To in 2020’.

  • Lisbon, Portugal took 6th place, with expats ranking it highly for making them feel welcome. The city also scored highly for socialising and leisure activities, as well as the weather conditions.
  • Barcelona, Spain came 7th. It was voted the world’s best city in the Leisure & Climate subcategory by those who took part in the study. 88% of expats are also satisfied with the availability of healthcare in the city.
  •  Zug, Switzerland followed in 8th place. Expats have voted that this city provides the world’s best quality of life. Not one respondent was dissatisfied with local transportation, the quality of the environment or their personal safety!
  • The Hague, the Netherlands came 9th on the list. It is noted that it was rated particularly highly for job security and the state of the local economy. Those living there also found they had a good work-life balance.
  • Basel, Switzerland is in 10th place, with expats stating that they are particularly happy with their personal safety. Local transportation is also rated highly, along with the quality of the environment.

Looking a the other end of the scale, 3 European cities did find themselves at the bottom of the rankings. Rome came second to last, with Milan and Paris not far behind. Milan is the world’s worst-rated city when it comes to job satisfaction and Rome is similarly poor in this respect. Many expats in Paris found it difficult to get settled and found Parisians unfriendly.

What are your thoughts on these results? Have you shared similar experiences, or would you rank these cities in a different order?

Take a look at the full list for yourself on the InterNations website.

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