Europe’s Most Liveable Countries

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A list of the world’s most liveable cities from 2018 has been announced by Mercer, the human resources consulting firm, which takes into consideration the factors affecting quality of living.

We’ve taken a look at exactly which areas around Europe have ranked the highest, and, using information from Mercer’s 2018 Quality of Living Ranking, we’ve rounded up the top European countries:



10. Finland

Of the European cities on the list, Helsinki makes Finland the 10th most liveable country.

Finland is a wonderful place, with plenty to explore all year round. For those who have not yet been, it is well worth a visit, if you are looking to travel somewhere new. Helsinki provides a range of shops and independent restaurants to explore, and there is no shortage of museums and galleries.

9. Belgium

Brussels is currently the pride of Belgium, making the country the 9th most liveable in Europe.

It’s a country made up of many cultures, which makes for a smoother transition period for expats who move there, especially if you are new to relocating countries.

8. Norway

The high liveability of Oslo means that Norway has made it into the top ten.

When we picture Oslo, we think of the many green spaces that have been maintained. In fact, it has been named European Green Capital 2019, for its dedication to conserving natural areas and efforts to reduce pollution.

7. Sweden

Stockholm puts Sweden in 7th place. According to Mercer, Stockholm has dropped a few places since the previous survey, as a result of the terrorist attack in 2017.

However, it still sits strongly as a positive and popular city to move to. This coastal capital is beautiful; it spans over 14 islands, with ferries to take you from place to place, and cobblestone streets to walk along.

6. Luxembourg

Luxembourg City is a wonderful place, making Luxembourg 6th on the list.

We particularly love the architecture and contemporary art of the Kirchberg District. It’s also home to the European Court of Justice, the European Investment Bank and the European Court of Auditors.

5. Netherlands

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ strongest city, coming 12th overall on Mercer’s worldwide list.

There are so many scenic areas to admire; from the canal and cycling routes, to windmills and fields full of tulips. We can picture ourselves now, having a relaxing weekend, to balance out a productive week of work!

4. Denmark

There are many reasons why Denmark is such a success, and, in particular, Copenhagen stands out. We love that cycling is so widely encouraged over driving, and that the streets are designed with this in mind, with dedicated bike lanes.

3. Germany

Munich, in particular, has pinpointed Germany as an ideal country to consider relocating to.

Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg are amongst the many other German cities on Mercer’s list, highlighting how well rounded the country is.

2. Switzerland

Zurich is the 2nd most liveable city in the world, also making Switzerland 2nd on the list of most liveable countries in Europe.

Geneva, Basel and Bern were also high up on the list

1. Austria

Vienna specifically won Austria the crown, obtaining not only the top spot for most liveable cities in Europe, but also the world. It has ranked highest for quality of living for the 9th year in a row!


Slagin Parakatil, Principal at Mercer, has commented: “As well as a significant hinder to a city’s, business and talent attractiveness, poor quality of living can considerably impact on an expatriate’s lifestyle.

“Younger generations, millennials in particular, often have high expectations in terms of lifestyle, leisure and entertainment opportunities. Companies sending expatriates abroad need to get the full picture of conditions on the ground in order to compensate their employees appropriately for any decrease in living standards.”


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