Countries Ranked for Food Sustainability in 2018

If you are a follower of our articles, you may have noticed that we have two main passions that go hand in hand: travel and food.

We like to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world, especially Europe, as we provide Overseas Property Insurance for homes in eight European countries.

Recently, we came across this year’s Food Sustainability Index (FSI), which highlights the importance of reducing food waste, across the world. We were pleased to see a few European countries have made this list.

Compiled by the Barilla Centre for Food & Nutrition Foundation, the aim of this index is to “act as a catalyst to develop frontier ideas”. The centre believes that, through thorough research and public engagement, we can make a shift towards more sustainable food systems.

The countries that have made it onto the list have been chosen, based on food loss and waste, sustainable agriculture and nutritional challenges. The higher the scores, the better these countries are doing at tackling nutritional problems. Looking at the overall rankings, these are the top ten:

10. Hungary

Overall: 72.50

Food loss and waste: 78.30

Sustainable agriculture: 76.70

Nutritional challenges: 62.40


9. Austria

Overall: 73.30

Food loss and waste: 69.10

Sustainable agriculture: 79.90

Nutritional challenges: 70.70


8. Sweden

Overall: 73.40

Food loss and waste: 75.00

Sustainable agriculture: 72.70

Nutritional challenges: 72.40


7. Czech Republic

Overall: 73.50

Food loss and waste: 80.40

Sustainable agriculture: 74.50

Nutritional challenges: 65.60


6. Denmark

Overall: 73.50

Food loss and waste: 67.80

Sustainable agriculture: 79.60

Nutritional challenges: 73.10


5. Japan

Overall: 73.80

Food loss and waste: 71.60

Sustainable agriculture: 73.40

Nutritional challenges: 76.50


4. Finland

Overall: 74.10

Food loss and waste: 80.20

Sustainable agriculture: 70.40

Nutritional challenges: 71.50


3. Canada

Overall: 75.30

Food loss and waste: 82.10

Sustainable agriculture: 73.00

Nutritional challenges: 70.90


2. Netherlands

Overall: 75.60

Food loss and waste: 80.70

Sustainable agriculture: 77.10

Nutritional challenges: 69.00


1. France

Overall: 76.10

Food loss and waste: 85.80

Sustainable agriculture: 71.00

Nutritional challenges: 71.40


With France claiming the top spot, we were interested in finding out where the other countries we insure in were positioned on this chart. Ireland sits at 18th, with Spain at 19th. Portugal came 21th, Italy 28th, and Cyprus was 37th. You may also be interested to learn that the UK has come a respectable 24th, out of 67 countries in total!

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