Best Places to Live as an Expat 2019: Global Expat Index

Global Expat IndexGlobe Hunters, the flight price comparison website, has released its 2019 Global Expat Index. This index highlights the most popular countries to move to, based on a range of factors.

This includes the cost of living, quality of life and the lifestyle available based on data collected from 34 OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries. It is pointed out that Luxembourg and Turkey were omitted due to a lack of data…

Globe Hunters states in the index: “Moving abroad and uprooting your family and career to another country is never easy, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

Relocating in a new country can open your eyes to a new way of living, introduce you to new friends and help improve your career and quality of life too.

There’s a lot to take into account when choosing where to move to, from your career to your family and, of course, quality of life itself.

We’ve ranked the 34 OECD countries on all of the above and more, to try and determine the best places to live as an expat in 2019.”

This is a really interesting table, which shows you the top ranking countries based on their overall score out of 100, but it also allows you to order the list based on the information you find most important, such as childcare costs or expat population.

The overall rankings, however, list the following as the top five most desirable locations for expats:

1. Iceland (71.61)

2. Austria (69.48)

3. Canada (69.17)

4. New Zealand (68.09)

5. Germany (67.61)

Because we always like to look at the best and worst on a list, we thought we’d also include the bottom five in the Global Expat Index:

34. Hungary (46.05)

33. Israel (47.22)

32. Latvia (47.41)

31. South Korea (47.84)

30. Lithuania (47.86)

What do you think about this list? Would you personally rank these countries in a different order, based on your own experiences? The full Index can be viewed here:

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