Along Italy’s Adriatic

When you think of flying south for a sunny beach holiday, where would spring to mind? Spain’s Mediterranean costas, the Portuguese Algarve, or the sophisticated French Riviera? While these are all great destinations, offering good beaches and a wide choice of resorts, there is another option. Italy’s Adriatic coast offers alluring beaches, beautiful cities and some stunning countryside. Whether you want to live it up in Rimini, soak up some culture in Venice or chill out in Brindisi, you’ll find your place. The Adriatic coast stretches along Italy’s eastern side, from the heel of the boot all the way up to Trieste on the Slovenian border.

Where to Buy?

If you’re looking for a holiday home, with a view to renting it out, then look to the Adriatic’s major beach resorts. Most resorts attract large contingents of Italian holidaymakers each summer, as well as smaller groups of northern Europeans, especially British. Rimini is one of the biggest and best known. It has a very attractive medieval old town, 15 km of beaches and a lively nightlife. In the Le Marche region (touted by some as ‘the next Tuscany’), you’ll find very Italian towns like Numana, a cliff top settlement overlooking two beaches and a fishing harbour. At the extreme south, the Puglia region has some of the coast’s best beaches. Peschici’s lively beach and warren of whitewashed houses is ever-popular with Italian families on their summer break.

If you’re looking for somewhere to live, you could head away from the beach resorts. Venice is expensive, but more affordable the further away from the centre you go, and it even has its own beach: the Venice Lido. Ravenna lies slightly inland, but is linked to the sea by canal, and is home to much stunning art and architecture. Or head north to Trieste, with its grand squares, impressive port and international feel.

What to Remember

Buying on the Adriatic coast can often be more challenging to buying in southern Spain or Portugal. British buyers are much rarer on the Adriatic, so you may experience language difficulties. Make sure you get an English-speaking lawyer to check all contracts. Organise your overseas property insurance in the UK before you go too, as trying to do so in Italian prove difficult.

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