A Norman Adventure

Buying property abroad does not need to mean a long journey south to the Mediterranean, or even a flight. Instead, you can head to Normandy in northern France, just a short hop across the channel. You’ll have access to some glorious sandy beaches, historic cities and castles, and some beautiful countryside. Ferries run from Portsmouth to Caen and Cherbourg, and from Newhaven to Dieppe. From Calais and the Channel Tunnel, the city of Rouen is around ninety minutes drive. That means that you can take your family and your own car over to your Normandy holiday home whenever you like. If you want to buy abroad so that you can use the property regularly yourself, rather than just renting it out, then a Normandy home could be perfect for you.

Coastal Normandy

The beaches of Normandy are famous for being the site of the D-Day landings, but there is more to them than their history. The spa town of Granville is a popular and sophisticated destination with an attractive old town, and is surrounded by good beaches. Deauville is an upmarket resort which has long been a weekend escape for wealthy Parisians, and has plenty to see and do. Along the coast a little, Trouville is a classic resort with a relaxed feel.

Inland Normandy

Inland Normandy holds just as many attractions as its coast. The ancient city of Rouen was the historic capital of Normandy. It sits on the bank of the River Seine, and has some beautiful gothic architecture on its winding streets. Conches is a typical Normandy town, with some attractive buildings, a friendly atmosphere and lovely views over the countryside around. Visiting the Normandy countryside is like stepping back in time. Sleepy villages and rambling farmhouses sit surrounded by green fields and woodland.

Buying in Normandy

If you want to buy a property in Normandy, you’ll have plenty of choice. You can still pick up some bargains, with renovation projects in rural areas available for as little as 40,000 Euros. Comfortable three bedroom family homes can be bought for around 100,000 to 300,000 Euros. And if you have money to burn, you could pick up a castle for around 1 million Euros. Remember to get overseas property insurance in place to protect your investment and you’ll be ready to go.

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