A Home in the City of Lovers

It’s almost Valentine’s day. Have you planned what to give your significant other yet? A meal out, a spa day, or a perhaps even a trip to Paris? The city is well-known as one of the world’s most romantic, and thousands of couples head there each year to enjoy its sights, food and atmosphere. What could be better than a weekend in Paris? A home there.

Buying in Paris

If you’re thinking of buying a property overseas, and are the romantic type, then Paris really should be towards the top of your list. With numerous flights from the UK reaching the city in around an hour or less, the city is easy to reach.

Once you’re there, its Metro system makes it easy to get around, so even if you can’t afford a central home, you’ll be able to enjoy the romance and excitement of the city with ease.

Unlike London, most of central Paris has residential property available and there are few areas which become weekend ‘ghost towns’ as the City of London does. There are cafes, restaurants and shops of all kinds spread throughout the city centre.

The most central areas are the priciest and most exclusive, with the areas along the left bank of the Seine generally the more bohemian and cheaper. For more affordable property, you’ll need to head out of town, but as long as you’re on a Metro line, you’ll still be able to live the Parisian dream.


The home-buying process in France differs from that in the UK in that you need to commit to your purchase much earlier. That means you can’t easily change your mind, but you are safe from gazumping. The contract you’ll need to sign to make the sale is called the compromis de vente. It should include all details of the property, sale and financing.

Once that is signed, there is a seven-day cooling-off period before it becomes binding. Then, make arrangements for things like overseas property insurance and removals, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your romantic new home.

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