4 Reasons You Should Buy a Holiday Home in Puglia

Panoramic view of Polignano. Puglia. Italy.Celebrities have already discovered the magical region of Puglia in southern Italy, so why not join them by either moving out there, or buying a holiday home to enjoy throughout the year? Here are four reasons you should purchase an overseas property in Italy’s heel…

Picture an authentic rustic lifestyle combined with picturesque whitewashed towns and uncrowded beaches – that’s Puglia. The region’s unspoilt scenery has already attracted celebrities seeking a second home in a quiet spot, and now expats are discovering Puglia’s hidden charm.

A Place in the Sun’s Amanda Lamb bought her current apartment in Galatina a couple of years ago. Previously, she owned a two-bedroom apartment in Nardo, which she found while filming the show in 2006.

Actresses Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep, and music stars Mick Hucknall and Paul Weller also own homes in Italy’s heel.

If you are considering making a trip to the region, here are four things that await you:


Puglia has lots of architectural delights to enjoy – from the glorious baroque buildings of Lecce city to the grand old country houses, or masserias, dotted throughout the countryside.

The most famous type of architecture in the region is the trullo – a type of conical stone building unique to Puglia, which is mainly found in the Itria Valley and town of Alberobello, which has UNESCO Heritage status.

A resident of Puglia and writer at the Italy Buying Guide, Julia Silk, comments: “Trullo restoration projects, which make quirky homes, first attracted expats. These days, rural villas with enough land for some olive trees, a swimming pool and kitchen garden are also good value for money.”

The whitewashed hilltop town of Ostuni is also an architectural landmark in itself, with its winding streets and squares.


Puglia boasts beautiful sandy beaches across its 800 kilometres of coastline, which includes the Adriatic coast. The most popular spots are those immediately around Otranto and Gallipoli in the south.

In the southernmost tip of the heel, Pescoluse is considered one of the region’s finest beaches, thanks to its white sand and clear, calm waters. Nearer Lecce, Torre d’Orso is another hotspot, while beaches to look out for in the north include Polignano a Mare and Margherita di Savoia.


Wherever you go in Italy, you’ll be met with delicious foods to try. However, due to the extra sunshine Puglia receives compared to the north of the country, its fresh fruit and veg offerings are especially abundant.

Producing most of the country’s wheat, the region is also known as the breadbasket of Italy, with its bread and pasta well known nationwide.

Puglia also produces some excellent wine, although most of it never leaves the region or country – why would they export something so good?


As most villas or trulli in the countryside come with land – enough to grow your own fruit and veg and perhaps keep chickens and bees – expats can truly make a pleasant lifestyle for themselves. Water at rustic properties often comes from boreholes or wells, while solar panels are increasingly being used for hot water or electricity.

It’s not surprising that many expats embrace self-sustainable living, creating a good life for themselves.

If you are considering a move to Puglia, or even purchasing a holiday home there, remember to protect your Italian investment with Overseas Property Insurance.

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