32 Key Phrases You Should Learn Before Moving to Spain

Are you looking to move to Spain? Make sure that you are prepared for all occasions, by learning some basic words and phrases, before you go. We hope that you find the following suggestions useful in your new adventure!

Two white speech bubbles with Spain and Great britain flags. English language conceptual illustrationGreetings

When moving to a new country, get off to a friendly start, by learning commonly used greetings. Specifically, you may want to give some of these a try, if you’re moving to Spain:1. Hello – Hola

2. Good morning – Buenos días

3. Good afternoon – Buenas tardes

4. Good evening – Buenas noches

5. Goodbye – Adiós

6. How are you? – Cómo Estás?

7. Very good/well – Muy bien

8. Excellent thanks. And you? – Excelente, gracias. ¿Y tú?


Asking for Directions

When moving to any location, it is likely that it will take a while for you to learn your way around. Being able to ask for directions will help to ease any anxieties about moving to an area that you are unfamiliar with.

The exact phrase you will need will completely depend on the situation, but here are a few examples:

9. Where is… – Dónde está…

10. Where is the bus station? – Dónde está la estación del bus?

11. Where are the toilets? – Dónde están los baños?

Of course, you will also need to understand the response that you receive! Some key phrases you may expect to hear include:

12. Head towards – Tirar para

13. Go up – Subir

14. Go down – Bajar

15. Left – Izquierda

16. Right – Derecha

17. Straight on – Todo recto

If the worst-case scenario happens, and you can’t find your way, then the following will come in handy:

18. I am lost – Estoy perdido

19. We are lost – Estamos Perdidos


Ordering food

To begin with, knowing a few polite words will help, and at least excuse your lack of knowledge, if you don’t know much else. Be sure to learn these:

20. Please – Por favor

21. Thank you – Gracias

Even if you do memorise the words for your favourite food and drink, when eating out in restaurants, be sure to spend some time reading the menu, as this will also help you to become familiar with Spanish foodie phrases.

However, to get you started, you may want to consider also learning these:

22. Soup – La sopa

23. Beef – La ternera

24. Chicken – La Pollo

25. Sea bass – La Lubina

26. Prawns – Las gambas

27. Bread roll – Bollo

28. Salad – Ensalada

29. Black Espresso – Café Solo

30. Espresso with milk – Café Cortado

31. Water – Agua

32. What do you recommend? – Qué me recomienda?

There are, of course, many more words and phrases that you will find yourself needing to know, but we hope that this article acts as a useful starting place!

Taking time to study before you move would be beneficial, either by simply downloading a free language app onto your smartphone, or by paying for professional lessons. You will no doubt learn so much more when you are finally out there, speaking to the locals and putting your skills into practice!

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