Tips for Choosing a Holiday Home in Portugal

Portugal Holiday HomePortugal is a popular holiday destination for a number of reasons. There are plenty of clean beaches with beautiful sea views and the weather is warm throughout the summer months. If Portugal has swayed you with its charm and you are now considering investing in a holiday home abroad, take a look at our following guide, to help you get started: Continue reading

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Europe Day 2019 – Reasons Why We Love Europe!

Europe DayDid you know that today (9th May) is Europe Day? Whatever happens in the future for the UK, we are very proud to be part of the EU, along with the wonderful countries in this union.

In order to celebrate, we’ve taken a look at each of the seven countries we cover with our Overseas Property Insurance and made a list of our favourite things about them… Continue reading

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Best Beaches to Visit Abroad in Europe

best beaches


Looking to top up your tan and take in some beautiful sea views? We don’t blame you, the British summer is just starting to get warmed up and with it our wanderlust… Check out our five best beach suggestions: Continue reading

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Our Favourite Easter Traditions Celebrated Across Europe

Closeup of easter eggsHappy Easter to all of our followers! We hope that those of you who took part in Lent this year were successful.

Easter is another one of those holidays that is celebrated in different ways, depending on your faith and culture.

We love learning about the differences between how people in the UK celebrate a holiday (which even often vary from region to region) and those overseas. Easter is no exception!

We’re sure that we’ve barely touched the surface with this one, but we’ve rounded up some of the traditions that take place across Europe at this time of year: Continue reading

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Seven Tips for Moving Abroad with Your Pets

moving abroad with petsGetting ready to move overseas can be a massive task, as there is a lot to prepare. Being a pet owner only adds more to your to-do list! In order to get you started, we’ve put together the following seven tips for moving abroad with your pets: Continue reading

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7 Top Tips for Purchasing an Overseas Home

overseas homeBuying a home abroad and starting a new life is the dream of many, but the idea of making it a reality can be daunting. We hope to help as many people as possible to fulfil this dream, by providing you with our top tips for purchasing an overseas home. Continue reading

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32 Key Phrases You Should Learn Before Moving to Spain

Two white speech bubbles with Spain and Great britain flags. English language conceptual illustrationGreetings

When moving to a new country, get off to a friendly start, by learning commonly used greetings. Specifically, you may want to give some of these a try, if you’re moving to Spain: Continue reading

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Easter Giveaway – Win a Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Easter Egg

Easter Giveaway

Here at Insure My Villa, we enjoy holidays of any type – whether it’s a trip abroad, spending some time overseas on holiday, or a special time of celebration! With the latter in mind, we get particularly excited at this point in the year, as it just so happens that we have a sweet tooth… Continue reading

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Easter Competition – Terms and Conditions

Easter Giveaway Continue reading

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What Does Brexit Mean for Expats Overseas?

brexitThere is still a lot of uncertainty about what Brexit will mean for us all. In particular, those who own homes abroad are undoubtedly concerned about how it will affect them. Continue reading

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